How to Tell If You Can Trust Your Migration Agent?

Most people are not fond of applying for their passport or visa personally because there are so many things to do and it can take quite a while to get a positive response from your application. This is the reason why there are migration agents. Many applicants have been going to migration agents since they will be the one to processes everything for you. But how sure can you be that you can trust your migration agent?

The best way to making sure that the agent you are approaching for migration advice is to check if their agency is listed in the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority’s official website. Migration Australia can provide you with expert advice on Student Migration Services.

Aside from that, here are some things that will keep you alert from agencies that do not fit to be your migration agent.

Guarantees you will get a visa

This is not true at all. Not anyone can guarantee that you will acquire an Australian visa, not even your migration agent. The only people that are authorized in giving you a visa are the officers in the Australian embassy and when you have met all of the requirements they need.

You should avoid internet ads and sites that say they will guarantee you can get an Australian visa.

Paying now for the migration program

This is another red flag. You are the one that will pay for the charges on visa application at the time you have sent it to the office. You can find it online on the list of fees and charges for a visa application. If you are demanded to pay the money before you can even lodge in your application, do not pay it.

The only time to travel

Another red flag that you should be wary about. There are no email or telephone people that will offer you deals about your visa application. The officials will only contact their applicants regarding the application they sent after they have lodged it in. Not only that, there is not a single option to go to Australia. Find out different visa types you can apply for and can be used to visit the country.

They pay the charges

This means that they will ask money from you and they will pay the charges, which is, in fact, a red flag. You have the option to pay for your application. The migration agent is required in providing you the services statement that includes all the fees that you need to pay.

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